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"Save Yourself Time and Money"

     Peace of Mind Accounting has managed my bookkeeping since February of 2014.  Each month I simply backup my QuickBooks to a drop box folder- hand annotate and include my bank statements, and let them know I'm ready.  Within a short time they get back to me with a request or two for something I've left out-- and then voila-- I have an updated, consistent, balanced, and validated QuickBooks file to restore.  My books are kept up-to-date and are accurate.   It was especially easy and satisfying  to email my QuickBooks reports to the tax accountant and get my business taxes done early this year. 

     Brenda's  also equally effective at providing guidance on how to set up and manage QuickBook transactions and helped me get the 1099's I needed prepared for several contractors.   Well worth it-- best delegation decision I made this last year.

     If you are doing your own books-  consider saving yourself both time and money and delegate this to a pro.   Peace of Mind makes it cinch and helps me to focus on running my business rather than on entering in accounting information.

 Steve Henry , The Web Fellow